Are you a Soulpreneur?

A Soulpreneur is an entrepreneur, freelancer, artist, craftsperson, coach, psychic, energy worker or anyone else who looks at life, and business, as an opportunity for expression of their higher self.

In other words - you are creative minded, soul-infused and magic in your own way :)

I have been working with many "Soulpreneurs" in the last year...and love the energy, passion, and strategies we create together.

Do you love marketing your business - I bet you don' are too busy being awesome with your gifts...

This is where I step in - you want to reach more people, be seen and serve more clients.

Let's chat...

I offer many different services depending on what you need and what your vision is. 

Let's have a discovery call or email to find out!

I highly recommend Angila's services. As a business owner, we often get stuck in our own Ideas. This is where a coach comes in handy. Angila had a very fresh and creative approach for my business. You don't have to be failing in business to seek a coach, it's actually the opposite. Most successful businesses use the services of people like Angila to keep experiencing forward movement. 

Ned Burwell, UMatter

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