Time for that blog you keep thinking about starting...

I started my first blog when I wanted to become a better writer. What I didn’t know was how fast it would grow my career. With just a few posts in I was picked up by a major mom blogging site and from there I was published in three anthologies, asked to blog for Huffington Post and created a fan base.

When I started my online business selling tea, I had no idea a blog was important to a business. I thought only writers blogged about their life, kids, meals etc. But a blog is CRUCIAL to your success…

Here is WHY!

A website doesn’t offer enough information, authenticity, authority, or branding, to truly carry a business into the future. A blog adds so much more to your business than you think!

1. Blogs Help Build Your Brand

Branding is a major focus of for all businesses. It’s how you differentiate yourself from the competition and establish those all-important emotional connections with your customers. Once you’ve learned how to create a blog ( I can help you ) you can establish a platform for your business to spread the word and engage with your customers.

Yes, you can do this on your social media as well, but a blog also gives you a place to create useful and interesting content. This content can then be promoted to the social media pages your business has to support your content marketing.

All of this builds your brand and the content on your blog gives you a place to share your story with your customers/clients. It shows your personality.

2. Your Blog Makes You an Expert

Businesses who blog are seen as an authority in their industry. Why is this? As you produce content for your audience, you’ll dive deep into technical aspects of your product and your industry. You’ll have an entire library of to show off your smarts.

3. Blog Content is Absolutely A Must For Online Marketing

A blog is part of your business, but it’s also a part of any sound marketing strategy. A customer will become a lead when they have put enough trust in your blog posts.

While you can capture customers on social media, your blog is also an excellent place to continue your marketing efforts. With plugins and tools, you can create non-intrusive lead capture forms that pop up as people are reading your content. ( I can help you with this as well!)

4. A Blog Drives Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is something all online businesses are worried about. Higher rankings equate to more traffic and more customers. While SEO has a lot of moving parts and pieces to account for, content will always be the foundation of it.

Written posts, image-based articles, videos, all of it is needed for a solid SEO strategy. Your business blog once again provides the perfect platform to create exposure and rankings for your brand.

  • Your blog attracts backlinks from other sites

  • Written content incorporates varied keywords, which help you rank for specific terms in search results

  • Images rank separately in SEO and by utilizing alt-text on your images you can use them for a boost

  • Video is great for SEO, and your blog offers place to embed your videos from your platform of choice.

5. Blogs Breed Innovation

Blogging allows you to explore your industry and your company in greater detail than you ever would on social media. As you dive deeper and learn more, innovation develops in the form of more complex and creative posts, and eventually, more ideas for your business.

6. They Compliment Your Public Relations

A business blog gives you a direct line to develop your own unique voice for PR purposes. When you need to post a press release or an announcement, you have the platform to make that happen.

You also have a direct line of communication with your audience, which is extremely helpful. Engaging with readers in the comments is a great way to do this, but you can also continue the conversation on social media and refer them back to your blog.

Need help starting a blog? Message me anytime

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