Thinking of starting a business? You better read this first...

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Believe YOU CAN.

You cannot start or grow a business if you don’t think it will work. You have to believe in YOU and YOUR idea.

RIght now there is only you - with the idea, with the goals, with the passion. So you need the confidence and faith that this is what you want. And that it will be amazing.

Do not rush your idea if it doesn’t feel 100 %

If you aren’t sure that your idea is good - how will you convince anyone else???

You need to be able to convey to the world that this idea is the ONLY product/service people need to solve their problems. No one but you has that idea.

As well - think of your own happiness - yes you deserve to be happy about your business. Don’t get caught up in trends if they don’t speak to your heart. Why? Because you will eat, sleep - breathe your business 24/7. You better like it. NO - LOVE it...

Empires aren’t cheap.

Figure out how much money you need to start up. Do you need a part time job to help pay for the business to start? You need more than business cards from Vista Print.

Money will always be an issue for your business. You will need marketing of all kinds ( this is the gas for your business) you may need equipment, tools, product etc.

Really dive deep into your start up budget. You can look for loans and grants as well - this takes time and is always a good use of your research hours.

Find your tribe.

Not just because I am obsessed with women business owners - but you need a GOOD BFF right now.

Find your mentor, coach, business bff ( me ) who will guide, suggest, advise...and also genuinely care about your success.

Find people in your industry who are willing to share secret sauces.

Find a tribe of women who are also business owners - like this one - FREE on Facebook this group is owned and operated by myself and my biz bff Tara. We support newbies with marketing and collaborations.

Always invest in your skills.

You will need a million new skills to operate a business. From accounting to designing you are the marketing department, sales, manager and deliver driver… Also it is ok to hire out when the learning curve is too high.

Books, courses and workshops are also great ways to pick up new skills about your industry - but also about running your business.

You may be in a whole new era of your life. Perhaps the kids have moved out and you are free to be you. Maybe you are divorced and need independent income and a new identity...whatever your reason - you are a strong woman with a fighting chance to build an empire and I want to get you there the RIGHT way...the EASIEST way and I want to celebrate your success with you!

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