Should You Discount Your Price When Someone Finds You "Expensive"


Charge your worth. Value your work.

{I saw this in another group and LOVED it!!} A customer asked me how much a mini fondant cake was for her daughter's birthday. I told her $90.00 _ She said: For a cake? That’s a lot! * How much did you think it would cost you? -She said, at most $ 30.00, it is a simple cake. * For $30 I invite you to do it yourself. - I just don't know, she told me. * For $30, I will teach you, so in addition to saving $60, you will have the knowledge for the next time you need it. It seemed good to her and she accepted. * Here is what you would need to get started: You need tools: various cutters, rollers, scales, mixer, molds, dyes, bowls, cake pans , among many other things. - But I don't have all those items and I'm not going to buy all of that for a single cake. * Well for $30 more I can rent you my things, so you can do it together with me. - Okay" --- she says still. not so convinced.... * Ready on Friday I will wait for you to start doing it. - I can't do Friday, today I have time." * But today I don't have time to teach you and lend you my things. You also need to buy all the materials . Butter, eggs, chocolate, cream, flour, among other things. -Oh, no. Going to the grocery store to buy those things seems time consuming..... You have any there...Could you sell me some of your supplies? * It's okay. Just because I want you to learn things as they are, I'm going to sell to you from my supplies. But you must be very punctual because I have more cakes to deliver. I'll wait for you tomorrow at 5 am to start all the work. - You know? It's very early. I better give you the $ $90. I already put it together and it will be more expensive. There is no charge just to beat eggs, sugar and flour. There is no charge to prepare a "simple cake". What is charged for: -Knowledge -Experience -Study -Utensils -Tools -Time -Responsibility -Warranty No one can denigrate anyone's work by putting the price that seems to him or despising his work. DO NOT LET A CLIENT DICTATE THE PRICE!

Love this post - it floats around the Facebook sometimes and I wanted to have a permanent spot for it.

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