Referrals - Cheap and easy way to grow your business.

With our current state of Covid-19 and social distancing you can still ask for referrals! You may not be meeting in person for networking but you can always ask current clients/customers to give you a review.

Want to grow your business? Ask for referrals.

Many of you are running a business, and not asking for referrals from your current clients or customers. Maybe you hope you will just get them…but your clients need to be directed, asked and encouraged.

So do you want to get more clients? Then get in the business of asking for a referral from every happy customer.

How to ask for referrals: Get over your fear of asking

  • Remember that most people like to help other people (if there is no negative cost to them).

  • Remind yourself that the worst that can happen is that the client says, “No”. That’s not too terrible, is it?

One way is to equip your clients/customers with your business cards. You can simply say:“I’m thrilled you liked our service, I’d love it if you gave my card to someone else you think would use us.”When they have business cards it’s easier for them to just hand over all the info about you, with a quick “these guys are great!”

You should always ask for referrals in person. It’s more likely the person being asked will respect that more, and follow through. Unless of course your clients are across the country!Don’t ask for a referral when bills are being paid…this is a great time to ask for a testimonial instead.

You can use a testimonial on all your marketing materials, like rack cards, websites and Facebook Page.The more you ask for referrals, the easier it will get.

Also start giving referrals to other businesses – this will make the habit even more common to you. You can also offer a reward for referrals. Let your current clients know they too can benefit from a referral.

Offer a discount to them or a reward of some sort. There are many ideas online about creating referral programs for small business.

If you need more ideas to grow your message reach out anytime

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