Vendor Show Tips

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Vendor shows are a very exciting thing for women entrepreneurs.

It's a time to shine a light on all your hard work, your business and to make connections.

Of course we all want to sell out of our items, book all our services - but the main thing to remember is a vendor show is also an ad space for you.

Use it to collect names, emails and make connections - not everyone will buy from you that day - but if you leave them with a little reminder of you - sample, offer, printed items - they can find you again.

Think of a vendor show as a little lead generator and you will see every show as a success.

Set Goals

How many shows do you want to do this year?

How much do you want to sell?

How many leads do you want to get?

Whatever your goals are - write them down and keep them In your mind and revisit them at the end of every show.

Not every show will bring sales - BUT - It will generate leads ( people who will buy from you later)

Choose Wisely

What shows do you want to be In?

Have you heard good/bad things about them?

What kind of audience do they attract - Is It your target market??

How much will It cost - what budget have you given yourself?

Can you split a table with someone to "test your product?"

Forms, Invoices Etc.

Make sure you have all your paperwork In order.

Do you offer handwritten receipts?

Can you take orders for Items you may not have on site but can deliver later?

Do you have a sign up sheet for collecting emails?

Do you have a return policy or directions, ingredients, instructions etc.

Less Is More

Do not bring every item you sell. DO NOT.

Keep it simple, clean and orderly.

Overwhelming people with too many selections can actually decrease sales.

It's O.K to not have everything because this can give you an opportunity to connect with people after the show and sell them more, and offer them a more quiet setting - where you can show off your product better.

Your Space

Treat your table space like your own little boutique. Get creative.

Hire someone to help you with this if it's not your strong suit.

Your space should highlight your products with little signs, pricing and your branding.

Market Yourself BEFORE the SHOW

Do not assume the organizer of the show wiIl market the show well. You must help bring people in as well.

Tell everyone in your world about the show. Your friends, famiIy and fans of your social media platforms.

Offer a promotion only to your fans that show up - give them a code word to use - or print a coupon.

Offer a vendor only special - print something off for them and hand deliver while they are setting up. Give them a week to use It - In case they are too busy to visit your booth.

Do LIVES the night before of you getting ready...the morning set up and of course the start of the show!

Market Yourself AT the SHOW

Have all your promotional printing ready.

Business cards. Rack Cards. Flyers. PRIZE.

Not everyone is going to stop and chat. But you can be out in front of your booth creating lead opportunities. Give them something to think about!

Business Cards - Clear name of business and contact number. Have a link to your website and social media as well.

Rack Cards - Lots of room on those for pictures of your products. Lots of room for information. Again, make sure your links are on there so they can find out more about you.

Flyers - If you have another event, open house, vendor show - give this to them.

PRIZE - have a small prize up for grabs for anyone who gives you an emaiI.

Market Yourself AFTER the SHOW

Do a thank-you live social media post. Be kind and positive.

Collect your ballots from your give away - contact all of them by emaiI. Not just the winner. Tell the ones who did not win that it was great to see their support at the show and give them a time limited offer.

FiIl and deliver any outstanding offers you got at the show.

If you loved the show message the organizer and ask for a spot at the next show.

I love working with women who are invested in their growth - both personal and business.

If you would like to have a quick introduction to each other to see if we are a good fit - Let’s Chat! I would be happy to help your business BLOOM!

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