One: One Coaching


Who Is This Program For?
This program is for people women who:

  • A Woman starting or growing a business.

  • Feel overwhelmed by doubt or confusion.

  • Know they have something amazing to offer, but are afraid. to put themselves out there

  • Wish they knew how to get their audience to see them.

  • Are willing to put in real effort to make a change, but need some guidance on what to do.

  • Need a clear plan of action that will lead them to success, step-by-step.

What’s the Investment?
The investment for my 6 sessions Intensive coaching package is $997. This includes 6 one to one, one-hour coaching sessions, plus email support between sessions.

If you need to make a payment arrangement, I am flexible.












Whether you are starting a business or already have one we are going to build a solid foundation for your business.

We will work TOGETHER to build Clarity and Strength to determine your:


Why are you in this business?

We do a deep dive into your reason and mission for this business.

Who- Who are you? and Who do you want to work with?

Discover your values, skills, and commitment to work with your niche audience - we will find them!


What are you selling? Will it matter to your audience - Will it make you money!?


When is it time to launch? Relaunch - are you ready - is your base strong??

You absolutely must know all of the above before ANY marketing will WORK!

After we build your base - it's time to build your Marketing Plan

Complete strategies for your :

  • branding and website

  • online and offline marketing  

  • social media plan

  • customer service

  • sales 


We work together for 6 sessions via video chat with supportive emails in between sessions.

You will receive worksheets and downloads as well as a list of resources to help build your business even more.

Sessions are scheduled at least two weeks ahead of time and there can be 1-2 weeks in between sessions depending on your progress. I will not rush you but will keep you focused and on task.

Tel: 519-608-2701



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