I'm your business BFF. 
I care about making you a kick-ass entrepreneur with the best advice and tools to build

YOUR empire.

Before you can build a successful business you need to have a solid base to grow from.

That doesn't come from Facebook ads, marketing courses, or even a big bank account.

It comes from you. 

How well are you?

How solid is your self-care plan? 

Do you feed your soul, body, mind all the good stuff it needs to manage, build and grow a business?

We start there first. I teach you to Put Your FIrst - so that you can build a better business.

You are ready to build your business...but

You don't actually know how to start or build it the best way.
Need actual customers to see and know about your business - this seems like a lot of unknown...
You aren't sure if this is the right time to launch...
You've tried everything but your current business is not growing at all...

You Need a PLAN...

Without the right plan and advice you will 
  • keep spinning without winning
  • lose a lotta money on gurus and courses that get you nowhere
  • waste valuable time on the wrong things.


It doesn't have to be this way.
  • obnoxiously priced coaching sessions so my business does "better" than yours...
  • convoluted, marketing jargon that makes you feel 'not smart enough' to get it.
  • a cookie-cutter "program" that promises to make you a millionaire by next month...
  • genuine, direct, personalized help to get your business up and running - no matter what size or what stage it is at.
  • strategies that you can understand, use, and see results with.
  • creative ideas that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Impatient for growth - want to go from zero to Beyonce pretty quickly?


When you decide to become an entrepreneur - you are committing to a lifestyle - not just printing cute business cards and handing them out to friends.


It is HARD. And it takes a LOT of work. But guess what - we as women already do a LOT of HARD work...so we get it.


The reason we become entrepreneurs is that we need, crave, desire FREEDOM...to earn our OWN money, make our own decisions, build our own SECURITY.

You know what else we as women love? A good bestie.


You need a business BFF

( psst...it's me) and working with me looks like this


I am your business ride or die.

Listen, I get it...

I was a newly divorced mom of three and just turning 40. I had so much on my mind and plat that I didn't know where to turn. With my own bills to pay and my desperation to be in control of my schedule - I started a business. The hard way - by myself.
It was hard because I didn't have anyone to guide me. I knew what I wanted to build - but I didn't know how to market it. Marketing is the gas for every business. Without it, YOU WILL FAIL...
It took me way too long to get things figured out. I was pretty sure my idea was so awesome that it would just go viral overnight. Guess what. It didn't.
Mostly because I didn't understand how to get eyes on my business. I didn't know how or where to post social media - or why it mattered. I didn't know how to collaborate or network with other businesses...I didn't think email marketing worked...so I winged it.
Lucky for you I became a marketing expert because I learned that I like the art of marketing more than my product lol...so I thought - hey I can help others navigate this insane world with what I have learned - but make it WAY easier.
Now I help other women understand marketing and create a winning plan for them to follow so they know where to spend money, what to focus on - and in what order...so they can feel empowered to build their business.

What My Clients Say

Holly McIntyre


" I worked with Angila when I was launching my new office. She redesigned my Facebook Business page,  grew my audience and created all the graphics for my grand opening - which had an amazing turnout!"

Lana Hodgins


"Had an amazing session with Angila Peters this afternoon! She gave me so much to think about and how to market myself! If you have been thinking about contacting her DO IT!  "


Jessica Wojtkowiak



When I was deciding to branch out on my own I had Angila create a plan for me to figure out how to get more clients, brand myself and launch in the best way possible. She saw my vision and delivered an amazing guide for me.

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I'm Angila :)


I started my first business at the age of 13 - my own home cleaning service. I remember the high from designing my first business card to getting my first paying customer.


That feeling led me to open my own baby boutique on Vancouver Island, expanding to two stores. At a much older age...with three of my own babies. Circumstances forced me to move back to Ontario where I had to start from scratch.


I started an online consignment shop, and tea company to make ends meet. Both did really well but I always wanted to start more and more businesses. It clued me in to think maybe I should actually help others with theirs. 


I have a counselling degree and years of marketing experience. So putting the two of those together makes me a great guide for anyone who wants to thrive in their own business space.



How to Work With Me

Let's get the conversation started so I can get an idea of what you need and where you are at.

We online chat

We can Zoom or talk on the phone and I can give you an idea of what I offer, whether it's a written plan or a coaching session.

The Plan

I can create a customized plan that you follow to grow your business. Or we can set up some coaching sessions.

Working in Cafe

The first step is the best step....let's connect.

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Email: angilapeters@gmail.com


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