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Boss Up and Change Your Life

- Lizzo


You are a woman who has a business or wants to start one.

You want to build it but keep getting "stuck"

You spin around...dreaming, trying...pivoting...but nothing moves your forward.


Well...one reason is your belief in the idea, in you...in success - you don't have enough.

Another reason is you don't know WHAT to do in marketing, sales...finding people who WILL buy from you...

So you get frustrated...and feel like maybe entrepreneurship isn't for you...



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I have been working with women entrepreneurs for years to grow their businesses...and the two things that stop them from moving forward are:
1) belief in themselves or their business and...
2) how to market/sell product or service...way too much to learn...understand...

Is this an expensive "coaching" package I have to buy??

I have two solutions. You can choose one...or both...
1. A community of women - from all over the world - who help build up your confidence, self esteem and will never let you journey through self growth alone...seriously we are kind of amazing that way - need new BFF's from anywhere in the world - come check us out...
2. If you are all good in your Queendom...let me look over your business and come up with a marketing and sales strategy that actually works...one call - free to start then we price out the plan - you don't press purchase until you feel we vibe...or whatever the cool kids say...
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Before you can build a successful business you need to have a solid base to grow from.

That doesn't come from Facebook ads, marketing courses, or even a big bank account.

It comes from you. 

How well are you?

How solid is your self-care plan? 

Do you feed your soul, body, mind all the good stuff it needs to manage, build and grow a business?

We start there first. We are a global community of women who will never let you go through self growth alone...

Creep us anytime...on one of our calls - find links here.

We even have a 7 Day Challenge!

For me the 7 Day Challenge was a crash course of self discovery and to do it all together with all the incredible women in the community it was the accountability I’ve always needed.

The most difficult day for me was forgiveness, I felt drained and lifeless the day after. Gratefully all the women showed up with me and we got through it together and the next day flowed perfectly and showed me how I must have compassion and love for myself. Life brings us all ups and downs and that it is ok the feel the way we feel sometimes 

I learnt that I can get through tough times and with this community of women doing it as a collective there really is nothing that can stop us but ourselves 

-Charley G.

Self care has always been apart of my life in many ways until lately, when life took over and derailed my "me time". What is different with "Put U First", it is structured, there is someone to keep me accountable and in line with what I'm supposed to do and the icing on the cake is the workbook/manual/ email/video that gives step by step instructions which makes it real and makes it into something that needs to get done for ME .

When you sign up for "Put U First", you sign up for a community every step of the way.

- Angel R.

So...who am I?

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I'm Angila :)


I started my first business at the age of 13 - my own home cleaning service.


I remember the high from designing my first business card to getting my first paying customer.


That feeling led me to open my own baby boutique on Vancouver Island, expanding to two stores.


At a much older age...with three of my own babies. Circumstances forced me to move back to Ontario where I had to start from scratch.


I started an online consignment shop, and tea company to make ends meet. Both did really well but I always wanted to start more and more businesses. It clued me in to think maybe I should actually help others with theirs. 


I have a counselling degree and years of marketing experience. So putting the two of those together makes me a great guide for anyone who wants to thrive in their own business space.


What my clients say...


Holly McIntyre


" I worked with Angila when I was launching my new office. She redesigned my Facebook Business page,  grew my audience and created all the graphics for my grand opening - which had an amazing turnout!"

Lana Hodgins


"Had an amazing session with Angila Peters this afternoon! She gave me so much to think about and how to market myself! If you have been thinking about contacting her DO IT!  "


Jessica Wojtkowiak



When I was deciding to branch out on my own I had Angila create a plan for me to figure out how to get more clients, brand myself and launch in the best way possible. She saw my vision and delivered an amazing guide for me.

How to Work With Me

Let's get the conversation started so I can get an idea of what you need and where you are at.

We online chat

We can Zoom or talk on the phone and I can give you an idea of what I offer, whether it's a written plan or a coaching session.

The Plan

I can create a customized plan that you follow to grow your business. Or we can set up some coaching sessions.

Keyboard and Mouse

The first step is the best step....let's connect.

Let's hear about your dreams!

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